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Regional, National and International Research

International and National Keynote Speakers

SCS has been keynote speakers on violent crime and gangs at national and international conferences including the International Policing Study Group on Gang Crime held in Brussels 2012.


Contribution to Research

SCS continue to contribute to research projects and published papers, such as: ACPO’s National Street Gang Mapping


The Role of Girls and Gangs

Into the effects of sexual exploitation of girls and the roles of women in relation to gangs.


Somalian Communities and Policing

Including the impact of the Somali drug, Khat.


The International Programme of Research into Violent and Organised Crime

An international network of academics and civil servants developing a bank of evidence-based best practice to reduce violent and organised crime.


International Juvenile Justice Observatory October 2013

A multi agency response to gang related violence - working with the interior ministry for Uruguay to explore the development and delivery of Multi-Agency Gangs Strategies.