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Both Directors of SCS have had substantial experience of operational delivery in relation to violent crime, as individuals prior to the founding of SCS Ltd and as Directors of the company.


SCS will use their expertise from working with national governments to develop strategy and policies that will tackle crime issues at all levels.


MMAGS – Manchester City Council

Prior to SCS Mick was head of Manchester Multi Agency Gang Service (MMAGS), developing the first integrated, multi agency collocated team in the UK and has also worked as a manager within the Youth Offending Service prior to this. In 2007 he was seconded to the Home Office.


Anti Social Behaviour Lead – Birmingham City Council

From 2003-2008, Ian was the first Anti Social Behaviour Lead for Birmingham City Council, setting up and delivering the response to ASB across the city.   In 2007 Ian was seconded to the Home Office.  Before this Ian was a Housing Manager for Tamworth Borough Council.


TGAP and TKAP – Home Office

Between 2007-2008 Mick and Ian were seconded to the Home Office to work on a series of national programmes focussing on gang related violence.  The first programme Tackling Gangs Action Programme (TGAP) was delivered in 7 months between September 2007 and March 2008.  The insight developed and shared in the Practical Guide, published at the culmination of the programme, remain seminally important.


Tackling Knives Action Plan (TKAP) followed and Mick and Ian continued to work on these ensuring a clear focus on the motivations and drivers behind youth violence.


Communities Against Gangs, Guns and Knife Crime Programme (CAGGK)

In 2010, the Home Office announced a funding programme CAGGK to focus on the continued reduction of gang, gun and knife crime in three force areas. SCS were commissioned by Greater Manchester Police and West Midlands Police to project manage these programmes. This involved undertaking a force wide review of gang, gun and knife crime issues. SCS facilitated work between senior leaders to establish a strategic vision to underpin future commissioning of services. A commissioning framework was developed to reflect the agreed priorities that included cost saving, economies of scale and raising standards in services.


SCS project managed the day-to-day delivery of the 25 projects delivered by the third sector and private companies across West Midlands and Greater Manchester on behalf of both police forces.


Serious and Organised Crime Transformation - Programme Challenger

2012 - 2014 Programme Challenger - GMP has committed to developing a new approach to organised crime across Greater Manchester.  The programme seeks to develop and deploy extensive multi-agency working with partners and deliver long term impact on organised criminals leading to cash savings and demand reduction on public services. A review of existing provision, organisational restructuring and programme management support has been provided by Specialist Crime Solutions Ltd.



SCS have managed projects engaged with schools across Greater Manchester, to pioneer consultation programmes with over 4,000 young people. The focus of this work was to challenge their perceptions versus the reality of crime, therefore promoting confidence and trust in the police. Further engagement with young people in schools has enabled a better understanding of Somalian communities and gang involvement and this has fed into related research.